Weddings are a celebration of life. They promise new hopes and beginnings and the start of the journey of two people together. This is why many couples want to make their wedding day as perfect and memorable as possible. Many of them will go to great lengths to make their dream wedding perfect. Everything is planned down to the smallest detail to ensure that everything will go without a hitch.

Venues play a vital role in the success of a wedding. They contribute to the event’s mood and atmosphere, making the day as memorable and magical as possible. This is why, throughout the years, Northamptonshire has remained a popular destination amongst couples who want to tie the knot. With its rustic charm and lush countryside, the aptly named ‘Rose of the Shires’ indeed provides an excellent and gorgeous backdrop to weddings, big and small. For many engaged couples in the region, their celebration wouldn’t be complete without having the Northamptonshire weddings of their dreams.

But if there’s one place in Northamptonshire that fully encapsulates the shire’s natural beauty and unique charm, it has got to be Crockwell Farm. Located in gorgeous Daventry, our farm has been hosting weddings of all shapes and sizes for more than 15 years. Led by the husband and wife team of Bay and Hermione Harper, we specialise in providing couples with a one of a kind wedding experience.

Crockwell Farm has been featured in numerous publications, including the very prestigious Condé Nast Brides magazine, as one of the most beautiful and finest bespoke wedding venues in the region. Whether you’re planning a small wedding or an elaborate gathering to celebrate the start of your life together, you can count on us to help you organise the wedding you’ve been dreaming of.

A quick word about Covid-19

Unfortunately, we had very few weddings in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. To contain and prevent the spread of the virus, mass gatherings and celebrations all over the UK, weddings included, were prohibited by the government.

In particular, the Registrar service placed restrictions on ceremonies, allowing only six people to be present at weddings. These include the bride and the groom and two registrars. This basically means that if you were to tie the knot, you could only invite two people to your wedding, which can be a difficult choice to make if you have a big family and lots of friends.

The pandemic certainly made things very challenging for engaged couples, especially those who had planned their wedding years in advance and those whose schedule was thrown into uncertainty. It also put wedding suppliers and venues like us in a very tough situation.

However, you can rest assured that the entire Crockwell family is doing our best to keep things moving forward. We are keeping our communication lines open so we can provide you with our continued support and advice amidst these trying times.

Enough about the serious stuff, let’s go back to something fun and light-hearted. We are here to celebrate one of life’s most precious moments, after all. So despite the various challenges and hardships all of us are facing today, let’s try to remember the good ‘ole times and the moments that made us truly happy. Let’s take a look back at some of the best and most magical weddings of last year.

Highlights of our Northamptonshire weddings in 2019

If you’re set to exchange rings and say “I do” with your significant other soon, Northamptonshire is a great place to consider when looking for the best wedding venue. To give you some ideas and inspiration, here are the highlights of three of the most beautiful Northamptonshire weddings we had the pleasure of hosting here at Crockwell Farm in 2019.

Charlotte and Matt

Charlotte and Matt tied the knot in August 2019 after the groom planned and executed an incredibly romantic proposal on a clifftop while they were on a family holiday in Moher, Ireland. The couple, who live in nearby Bedfordshire, wanted a “relaxed country venue with stunning gardens and plenty of space.” They were also hoping for a farm-type setting that didn’t need to be decorated much because of its natural beauty.

They found exactly what they were looking for in Northamptonshire. We are pleased to say that Crockwell Farm ticked all the boxes and, after falling in love with our farm, Charlotte and Matt, along with the rest of the Crockwell staff, set out to prepare for what would become one of the most memorable days of their lives.

Charlotte and Matt decided to keep things simple. Since Crockwell didn’t need much decorating because of its natural appeal, they just added a few personal touches here and there. They used sunflowers as the basis for their wedding decor and hung photos and artworks by Charlotte’s aunt and uncle and Matt’s sisters to create the simple, relaxed country feeling they wanted to achieve.

The couple initially wanted to have the wedding ceremony outside. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate. Still, everything worked out in the end because the marquee served as a stunning backup location for the wedding ceremony.

At Crockwell Farm, our team is always one step ahead. Because weather in the UK can be unpredictable at times, we make sure to always have a backup plan. Similar to what we did for Charlotte and Matt, we will quickly set up an indoor venue for your wedding in case of a last-minute change of plan. Because we always have these things in mind, you can rest assured that your wedding celebration will go precisely the way you want it to, come rain or shine.

Rebecca and Seyi

Along with 150 guests, Rebecca and Seyi had a gorgeous spring wedding at Crockwell Farm in April 2019. According to the couple, they chose Crockwell because it “literally had everything.” Indeed, our farm has virtually everything, which made organising and hosting their dream wedding much easier and more convenient for the lovely pair.

Thanks to our venue’s spacious grounds and open spaces, Rebecca and Seyi were able to celebrate and commemorate the occasion along with their large family and groups of friends.

The couple had the ceremony at the main marquee, which was decked with fabulous and magnificent white floral arrangements from local florist Once Upon a Time. The venue was also dotted with hanging hoops, courtesy of Decorations from Laura. Tears, laughter and love abounded as Rebecca and Seyi exchanged vows with each other, with the surrounding countryside wedding serving as their gorgeous backdrop.

The wedding party then proceeded to the vaulted barn and gardens for post-wedding drinks and photographs. With Crockwell Farm being exclusively theirs for three days, the guests revelled in the happy occasion and quickly got into the party spirit. There was plenty of dancing and fun and games in-between each course. The day was indeed a happy one, and we are pleased to tell you that Rebecca and Seyi said the gorgeous location made the event even more special.

Whether you’re planning a simple wedding or a grand party to celebrate your union, we at Crockwell Farm are always happy to accommodate your needs. Our Vaulted Barn can seat up to 86 people, which makes it perfect for intimate weddings.

If you have a huge family and a lot of friends like Rebecca and Seyi, the Orchard Pavilion or the Main Marquee will undoubtedly make the ideal venue for your wedding ceremony. Each of them can accommodate up to 200 people, giving you and your guests plenty of room to party and dance the night away. No matter the size of your wedding party, you can always count on Crockwell Farm to offer you the perfect place to mark this momentous occasion.

Sarah and Ed

Similar to Rebecca and Seyi, teachers Sarah and Ed chose Crockwell Farm for their April wedding in 2019. According to Sarah, who came to England from France, they fell in love with our farm after their first visit. After taking a look at eight other venues, they decided to go for Crockwell Farm because of its “friendly and down-to-earth feel.” The accommodation options, as well as the various possible outside locations for their ceremony, helped them make their final decision.

The couple added plenty of their own personal touches to Crockwell Farm to make the venue truly theirs. Ed’s mother provided the beautiful and vibrant spring flowers that the entire family used to decorate the marquee on the afternoon before the wedding.

Sarah’s father served their favourite Bombay Sapphire cocktail during the wedding, to the delight of the guests. To encourage everyone to interact and get to know each other better, he also organised beer pong and a selfie challenge.

The guests danced the night away to the music performed by live band Motown Gold. Everybody had a blast at this special event, as shown in the wonderful photographs taken by wedding photographer John Alexander.

At Crockwell Farm, we have friendly and highly experienced wedding planners who are willing to assist you if things have become too stressful. Our team will work hard to help you create that perfect wedding to ensure that you and your guests will have the time of your life. We will guide you on every stage of the wedding preparations and even connect you with some of the best and most trusted suppliers in Northamptonshire.

Your wedding venue can make all the difference!

A wedding is truly one of life’s special events. As such, it needs to be celebrated properly. This is why it’s crucial to choose the right venue to ensure that your wedding day will be a special and magical one. At Crockwell Farm, you can rest assured that we will do our best to make your wedding a very memorable experience, so you can look back on your wedding day as one of the best and happiest days of your life.

If you’re looking for the perfect place to mark and celebrate your union, call us at Crockwell Farm. We will certainly help you plan and create your dream wedding.