In cohesion with our mission to provide exceptional weddings and experiences at Crockwell, we challenge ourselves to continually improve the sustainability of our business, striving to positively impact the local, and wider environment. We strongly believe in the importance and urgency of tackling climate change, reducing our footprint on the natural world, and preserving it for future generations. We understand the importance of human well-being and work to ensure that those connected with Crockwell are respected, valued and invested in our sustainable goals.

Crockwell Sustainability Policy

We are proud to be one of the few venues in the UK to have achieved accreditation with the Sustainable Wedding Alliance; passing a rigorous assessment to demonstrate the implementation of sustainable process in our business.

In doing so, we have conducted detailed calculations of our greenhouse gas emissions using the United Nations tool, including Scope 3 emissions. Having done this, we have produced our Sustainability Policy which can be read below.

Carbon negativity and our future goals

In 2021, we entered 400 acres of farmland into countryside stewardship. Through this, we are growing a mix of wild flowers and grasses with a high proportion of red clover. Research has shown that “newly created wildflower meadows on what used to be arable land can capture 1.04-1.89tC captured/ha/year, rising to 3.17tC if a red clover-rich mix is used.” Source: Ecologi . Thereby, based on our 2023 GHG calculations, Crockwell is carbon negative by 135.28 tonnes. It is imperative to note that we do not see carbon offsetting as a long term solution to climate change, but this shift is indicative of our long-term commitment to sustainability.

As outlined in our Sustainability Policy, our goals are, by 2030:


  • To halve the amount of waste we’re sending to landfill
  • To reduce by one third our GHG emissions