Weddings are a special moment in life, not just for the couple but also for their families and friends. It’s a time when love and commitment take centre stage, and everyone comes together to celebrate this lovely occasion. Beyond the main event, it’s important to think about how to make the day memorable for both the couple and their guests. Planning an outdoor wedding reception activities everyone can enjoy adds a nice touch to the celebration. Whether it’s personalised games or heartfelt toasts, these simple but thoughtful details help create lasting memories for everyone involved.

How Choosing the Right Activities Can Make Your Wedding a Day to Remember

Selecting the right activities can transform your wedding day into an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. While the ceremony marks the union of two individuals, it’s the collective celebration that truly makes the day special. Incorporating thoughtful and engaging activities enhances the overall atmosphere, creating moments that resonate long after the vows are exchanged.

When choosing activities for the wedding reception, consider the preferences and personalities of the bride and groom-to-be and the guests. This will help ensure that anything you plan for the reception will add a layer of joy and connection to the festivities. By curating moments that resonate with everyone present, you will be able to create not only the perfect wedding celebration but also a day to be cherished and remembered by all.

Elevate Your Wedding Celebration with These Fun Outdoor Activities

Make your wedding day memorable and fun-filled by incorporating these entertaining outdoor activities that cater to guests of all ages.

 1. Giant Jenga

Invite guests to test their strategic skills with giant Jenga. The game involves carefully removing wooden blocks from a towering structure and placing them back on top without causing it to collapse. This engaging activity encourages friendly competition and interactive participation, making it an excellent icebreaker for guests of all ages. The giant-sized blocks add a whimsical touch to the celebration, creating moments of suspense and laughter.

At Crockwell Farm, we take pride in providing an expansive canvas that allows for a variety of engaging celebrations amidst the natural beauty that surrounds us. The venue’s sprawling grounds are not only picturesque but they are also designed to accommodate various outdoor wedding activities, including giant Jenga, ensuring that your special day is not confined to traditional settings.

 2. Casino games

Transform your wedding into a high-stakes affair by incorporating casino games. Set up tables for classic games such as blackjack, poker, and roulette. Provide guests with play money and let them try their luck in a festive and glamorous casino setting. The allure of the games adds an element of excitement to the celebration, allowing guests to enjoy a taste of the casino experience while mingling with others.

 3. Wedding bouncy castles for grownups

Surprise your family and friends with a delightful and unexpected activity: bouncy castles designed for adults. Create a designated area with inflatable structures to let guests relive the joy of bouncing and laughter. These specially designed castles add a whimsical and carefree atmosphere, encouraging the young at heart to let loose and enjoy the celebration in a light-hearted manner.

 4. Mini golf course

Introduce a touch of leisure to your wedding festivities with a mini golf course. Set up a course with creative and challenging holes, providing guests with putters and golf balls. Considered one of the outdoor wedding reception activities perfect for couples planning a summer celebration, a mini golf course offers a relaxing alternative to traditional entertainment. It allows guests to engage in friendly competition and enjoy the lovely outdoors while showcasing their golfing prowess.

 5. Children’s colouring stations

As children often get bored and restless during wedding celebrations, ensure that the youngest attendees have their own source of entertainment with dedicated colouring stations. Provide wedding-themed colouring books, crayons, and creative materials to keep kids engaged and entertained. Not only does this thoughtful activity accommodate families with younger kids, but it also creates a harmonious atmosphere where everyone can revel in the joyous occasion.

 6. Wedding treasure hunt

Inject an element of adventure into your wedding celebration with a wedding treasure hunt. Create a list of clues or hide items throughout the venue, encouraging your family and friends to explore and solve the mystery. This interactive activity fosters camaraderie and excitement, allowing guests to collaborate in uncovering hidden treasures and creating lasting memories.

You’ll get bonus points if the treasure items hold a special meaning for you and your partner. With a wedding treasure hunt, your guests will have a compelling reason to get up from their seats and mingle with each other. They will also have the opportunity to get to know you and your significant other better.

 7. Photo scavenger hunt

Combine the thrill of discovery with the art of photography through a photo scavenger hunt. Provide guests with a list of moments or objects to capture, encouraging them to explore the venue and interact with one another. Not only will this activity result in a collection of candid and memorable photos (which make a great addition to your wedding album), but it also enhances the overall guest experience by promoting engagement and connection.

To make curating the photos much easier, consider creating a website where participants can upload the images. Alternatively, you can ask them to post the pictures on social media and use a dedicated wedding hashtag.

 8. Pimp My Prosecco

Also known as “Mimosa Stations” or “Bubbly Bars”, Pimp My Prosecco is considered one of today’s trendiest outdoor wedding reception activities, and for good reason! These Prosecco stations can serve as a charming centrepiece, infusing your day with a touch of personality while ensuring your beverages stand out amidst the typical reception fare.

To create your own Pimp My Prosecco station, you will need:

  •  Your choice of sparkling wines and champagne
  • Cordials and sodas
  • Fruit juices and purees
  • Fresh or frozen fruit
  • Liqueurs
  • Garnishes
  • Glassware
  • Spoons and tongs
  • Ice bucket
  • Napkins and drinks stirrers

The best time to showcase your Pimp My Prosecco bar is during the drinks reception or cocktail hour. Arrange a bar cart or table in the area where people will gather. Then, enlist the assistance of your wedding party or venue staff to encourage guests to indulge in a customised Prosecco experience.

Plan Engaging Activities for Your Wedding Guests

Weddings are not just about the union of two individuals; they are a celebration that binds families and friends together in joyous moments. As you embark on this journey of a lifetime, choosing the right activities for your wedding day is pivotal in creating lasting memories. Not only do they add layers of joy and connection to the festivities, but these activities also ensure that your wedding day becomes a cherished and remembered occasion for everyone.

At Crockwell Farm, we go beyond providing the perfect venue for your wedding day. With a team of friendly and highly experienced wedding planners and coordinators, we can help you plan fun, engaging, and memorable activities for guests of all ages. Get in touch with us to book a tour of our location!