Adding some of your own personal touches to the wedding venue is an excellent way of highlighting your style and personality as a couple. It also helps set the mood and creates the perfect ambience for what will be one of the most romantic and memorable days of your life.

Crockwell Farm is a charming and idyllic wedding venue in Northampton. Surrounded by lush countryside, the setting provides the perfect backdrop for your special day, no matter what the season. Offering plenty of greenery and with the venue’s charming and rustic architecture, Crockwell Farm is very pretty as is. Putting up additional decoration isn’t necessary. Even so, we still encourage you to decorate our venue as you see fit so you can have a wedding day that is uniquely yours. Here are some wedding venue decoration ideas to help you get started.

Fairy light chandeliers

For a truly magical ceremony, why not choose fairy lights as one of your wedding decorations? These beautiful twinkling lights will add a touch of magic and mystique to the venue, making everything look as if it comes straight from a scene in a fairy tale.

You might be happy to know that there are a lot of fairy lights already installed at Crockwell Farm. As they are permanently in place at the venue, there is no need to buy or bring your own, thus, allowing you to save time, money and effort.  

Floral displays

A stunning floral display is one of the most important elements of your wedding day. It can also make a fabulous centrepiece for your reception table.

Take the time to plan your floral displays to ensure they will match the overall theme of your wedding. If you cannot decide on what type of flowers to use, why not simply opt for those in season? Not only are they less expensive and more sustainable, but you can also combine them with candles and other table decorations to create a display that is both lovely and unique. If you are stuck for ideas and inspiration, you may wish to take a look at weddings previously held here at Crockwell Farm.

Hiring a local florist is an excellent way of controlling your expenses and ensuring that your blooms will remain beautiful throughout the day. If you choose to hold your wedding at Crockwell Farm, we can help you find reliable florists and flower suppliers in the Northampton area. Please let us know what you need and we will be ready to offer our expert advice. 

Blossom trees

If you are looking for an alternative to the usual flower arrangements or floral table centrepieces for your wedding ceremony and reception, why not go for tall blossom trees, such as faux cherry blossom or wisteria? These decorative pieces are a perfect addition to any barn wedding or venues with high ceilings and grand interiors, such as the Vaulted Barn here at Crockwell Farm. They draw the eye upwards and make any space appear romantic and enchanting. If you want your blossom trees to look even more stunning, you can add some glittering fairy lights.

Blossom trees provide a unique and creative spin to the usual floral arrangements. Fortunately, there are hire companies where you can rent these eye-catching decorative pieces to give your wedding decor that certain “wow” factor. 

Wedding signage

From handmade signs to quirky chalkboards, wedding signage has become quite popular in recent years, and for good reason. It is both inexpensive and easy to install. If you want to add a contemporary look to your wedding decor, you could even opt for neon signs. The possibilities are endless.

Wedding signage is also an excellent way of sharing your celebrations on social media. For instance, you can incorporate your chosen hashtag, such as #SmithWedding2022 or #Honey&Sweetheart, on a custom-made neon sign. Not only is this a great way of personalising your special day, but it also adds a “shareability” factor to the occasion.

Stacked crates

Using stacked crates is another inexpensive yet effective way of decorating your wedding venue. These items work exceptionally well if you are planning a farm or barn celebration.

Here’s a fun way to use empty crates as part of your wedding decor. Collect some mismatched wooden boxes and stack them on top of one another. Then, fill each of them with items that are significant to you as a couple, such as old toys, flowers, photos and letters. You can display these boxes at the entrance to your reception and this will make the perfect location for taking fabulous commemorative photographs.

As Crockwell Farm is in the middle of a working farm, it is easy for us to help you find the crates you need to personalise our wedding venue. 

Have Fun Decorating Your Wedding Venue

Choosing the decor is one of the best parts of the wedding preparations. If done correctly, you can showcase your creativity and make the venue truly yours. If you cannot decide which items to use, feel free to take inspiration from the ideas we have mentioned above.

At Crockwell Farm, we are committed to helping you transform your dream wedding into reality. From providing you with our idyllic venue to helping you find suppliers and putting up decorations, our team of friendly and highly experienced wedding planners will be there for you every step of the way. Please contact us today so we can begin planning your special day!