When having a summer wedding, we dream of gorgeous vibrant flowers, dramatic landscapes and scenery with an abundance of deliciously refreshing drinks.
However, what we have not envisioned is our guests battling the sun in their heavy black tuxedos, and the cake melting in the humidity. We all want our wedding to be one that’ll be remembered… but remembered for the right reasons, not how bitterly uncomfortable the best man was when he melted into his suit after too much exposure at the drinks reception. There may be drawbacks to a summer wedding, but don’t worry we’re here to offer advice and solutions so that your wedding runs just as you have planned it to.

Keeping Guests Comfortable
When booking your venue, make sure to find a place that offers indoor and outdoor facilities. This allows guests to have the perfect balance of having the scenery and beauty of the outside, but also the security knowing they can dive into the comfort of the cool, air conditioned rooms inside, to avoid an overheating scenario.
For those guests that have travelled far to get to the wedding, it’s recommended that two outfits are brought to the venue. Here at Crockwell we offer a changing room facility; this can provide maximum comfort during the day as guests know that they have the opportunity to refresh themselves with somewhere to change into their wedding outfit after a hot journey.

Sun cream
For those who become aware that their wedding is going to be right in the middle of a British heat wave, you may need to offer your guests some TLC. Having sun cream at tables or at the bar could save a lot of our ladies having sore shoulders, and the gentlemen having sore heads!

We all know that hydration is the key for battling out a long day in the sun. Make sure that there are plenty of refreshments, easily accessible for guests. Know that it’s important to get the balance right between soft and alcoholic drinks. For soft drinks kilner jars are a perfect solution to having the drinks readily available, and are prettily presented. These jars can be infused with fruit, filled with orange juice and lemonade, really anything that comes to mind.

It may be helpful to research into what flowers bloom in particular seasons, in order to make sure the particular flower you want is seasonally available. Also when getting married in the summer it’s useful to check with your florist on how far in advance the flowers should be arranged, to maximise how long they last in the heat.

Brides Dress
When choosing a dress for a summer wedding it’s very easy to forget practicality. Here are some top tips for choosing the perfect summer dress:
• Natural fabrics, fabrics such as silk are breathable, and can help to keep you cool in the summer.
• Hoops, having a hoop sewn into the petticoat of a dress can do you wonders; the hoop allows the air to circulate around the legs, stopping the legs from getting too hot.
• Research your lace, lace can be cool and breathable, however some lace can be heavy and hot. If you’re buying a summer wedding dress, make sure to ask your tailor what the most appropriate lace is for the season.


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